Is Graduate School for You?

What are the different types of graduate degrees? What’s the difference between masters and doctoral degrees in training and careers? When is the best time to apply? What makes for a good graduate application? Come learn about all the ins and outs of going to graduate school. 

Dr. Margaret Diddams is SPU’s Assistant Provost and Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She holds a BA in Psychology from Wheaton College and an MA and PhD in I/O Psychology from New York University. She is a dynamic speaker and has taught at Columbia University and SPU for over 25 years. Previous workshop attendees have said,“This was informative, interactive and fun!” “Extremely effective workshop; should be repeated in the future”. “I am excited to look into grad school opportunities now”. “Lots of good stuff!”

 Margaret Diddams

Posted: Friday, December 18, 2015