Help! My Career Plans Don't Match My Parents' Expectations.

Feeling pressure from parents about the major/career you should pursue? What if your career interests lie in a different direction?  It can be overwhelming and paralyzing to contemplate talking with family members about your desires and to figure out how to answer the questions you know are coming. In this workshop, you’ll explore why this dilemma feels so hyper-charged and learn practical tips on how to prepare for and have positive, productive conversations about your future.

Help! My Career Plans Don't Match My Parents' Expectations Power Point

Susan Okamoto Lane, MEd is currently the Dean of Multi-Ethnic & Wellness Programs, and formerly a Career Counselor at SPU.  She brings an understanding of family and cultural dynamics, her own story as a first-generation college student who started as a pre-med major, and experience helping many students get unstuck when their sense of calling and career plans don’t match their parents’ expectations.  Susan will be joined by Laurence Idos, a current SPU Theology major who will share his personal story of overcoming family pressures to pursue his calling.

 Susan Okamoto Lane

Posted: Friday, December 18, 2015