Kira Hendricksen ’11

Kira Hendricksen thought she knew what she wanted when she began her job search on, a search engine for jobs in the nonprofit sector.

“I had previously worked in nonprofit development with Agros International,” the former global development studies major says. “Seattle is a great place for nonprofit work, since it’s such a philanthropic city and also a hub of nonprofit organizations working in so many areas.”

Kira was applying for development assistant programs given her previous experience. But following a second interview at PROVAIL, a nonprofit group supporting people with disabilities in the Puget Sound area, she was asked to consider a higher position as a relationship manager.

“I was so honored, and I got to have my final interview with the CEO of the organization,” Kira says. “Soon afterwards, I was offered the job, and at a higher position than I was even interviewing for!”

She says the Center for Career and Calling provided valuable tips on how to showcase international experience on her résumé, tailor her documents to certain job descriptions, and edit her cover letters.

“Being knowledgeable about the organization before the interviews really helped, as well as letting my true personality shine, since then they were able to see exactly what position was a good fit for me,” she says. “It all started with sitting down at the CCC and working on my goals and skills.”

Now Kira is confident that she’s where she is supposed to be.

“I’m loving my job as relationship manager, getting to interact with everyone who connects with PROVAIL as an organization, from clients to donors to corporate partners,” she says.

“It really takes time for the whole process to pan out, from getting all your information and résumé ready, to actively applying, to waiting to hear about interviews, and even the interview process itself. Be patient,” she advises, “because you want a perfect fit.”

Nathan Anderson

Nathan’s Story

“I knew a desk job wasn’t for me,” Nathan Anderson says. As a reliability engineer for International Paper, he spends his time in the field learning from technicians, engineers, and operators.

Tara Walker

Tara’s Story

Tara Walker’s LinkedIn profile states that she is a problem-solver, an experienced teacher, and a mathematician. Not unsurprisingly, her job incorporates all three.