Rebeccah Noble ’12

At first glance, Rebeccah Noble’s career as a realty clerk for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers might not fit with her undergraduate degree in educational ministry. But, Rebeccah says, her liberal arts education and the networking advice she received from the Center for Career and Calling prepared her to thrive in a variety of settings.

“I was thrilled with a civilian job that would allow me to earn a living while still volunteering my time in the evening and on weekends,” she says.

Rebeccah first heard about the job opening at the USACE through a childhood friend and submitted her application materials the same day. She’d already taken the CCC’s “College to Career Planning” course, which requires students to complete an up-to-date résumé and conduct informational interviews with organizations they’re interested in.

“I highly valued the professional guidance I received on crafting a cover letter and résumé, and compiling a list of references,” Rebeccah says. And her preparation paid off. Within two weeks she was called in for an interview and was soon offered the job.

Rebeccah says she enjoyed serving the needs of military service members while simultaneously learning about financial account management, commercial real estate, and contractual agreements. “I improved my prioritization and multitasking skills, and I learned how to be successful in a variety of environments that I was previously unfamiliar with,” she says.

Upon graduation, Rebeccah accepted a full-time position with USACE, which she held until Fall 2014. Now she’s back at SPU, working in Student Financial Services to help students and parents distill “the murky waters of financial aid.”

“I’d advise continuous networking … and conducting yourself well in professional social settings over the various breaks from your coursework,” she says. “You never know whom you may be introduced to in various social circles who will help you move forward in your job or internship search. Now that I'm a member of the SPU staff family, I am fulfilling my vocational dream.”

Jake O

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