Tara Walker ’14

Tara Walker’s LinkedIn profile says she is a problem solver, an experienced teacher, and a mathematician. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, her job incorporates all three.

“I took the 'College to Career Planning' course offered by the Center for Career and Calling, which required me to create a LinkedIn profile and make it look professional,” she says.

Shortly after she had finished the class during her junior year of college, a recruiter from Tableau Software contacted her through her LinkedIn profile.

“At the time, I already had summer plans and was not ready to start looking for a job,” Tara says. “But I ended that string of emails on a great note with the recruiter encouraging me to contact her with any further questions.”

Her senior year, Tara searched LinkedIn looking for job titles that fit her mathematics major.

She found a data analyst position open at Tableau and contacted the recruiter, who connected her with the particular department.

An email, phone interview, and two in-person interviews later, Tara had the job. As a data analyst at Tableau, she has become a master of using Tableau to analyze data and tell data-driven narratives. She also leads trainings on how to use Tableau for new users.

“Going out of your way to talk to people never hurts,” she says of her job success. “Be ready to give your short speech about who you are and why you love what you do.”

Tara credits the CCC with emphasizing the importance of networking and teaching her how to articulate her skills well — the very skills listed on her LinkedIn profile.

“I still have the ability to think analytically … but I also have the opportunity to teach others both one-on-one and in larger group settings,” she says. “It doesn’t hurt that this job also allows me to play with numbers and data!”

Sam Lee

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