Requesting and Receiving Accommodations

This section is designed to help students know the proper procedures for requesting and receiving specific, approved accommodations in the following areas:

Each student will have different accommodations based on his or her documentation, intake interview, and other information that might be provided. Approved accommodations that impact the classroom or that faculty otherwise need to know about are included in the Accommodation Notification letter sent to the student’s professors each quarter.

If the professor has not received the notification letter from DSS and a student requests an accommodation, the professor should direct the student to the DSS office. It is the student’s responsibility to follow through with requesting accommodations through DSS. Most requests need to be made four weeks in advance to ensure enough time to facilitate accommodations.

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Abilities Advocacy Club

DSS is proud to partner with Abilities Advocacy Club in providing a safe place for students with disabilities to talk, study, and advocate for abilities on campus.