Online Text Conversion Tool: SensusAccess

SensusAccess Online Conversion Tool

Convert documents with SensusAccess

SensusAccess is an online conversion tool that allows you to convert documents from one file type to another.

The most common example is uploading a PDF and then outputting a Word document — but there are many more choices.

SensusAccess is free to anyone with an SPU email address.

How to use SensusAccess

Go to the SensusAccess form to convert a file. Once you complete the process, the converted file will be sent to your SPU email account.

Service limitations

  • The original file must be of good quality in order to maximize conversion accuracy. This means free of markings, writing, folds, or wear.
  • Some file outputs may require additional editing after conversion.
  • SensusAccess provides a quick temporary solution. It is not the final solution for accessibility. For faculty and staff who are producing documents, please watch the videos below for additional instructions on creating accessible documents in various formats.
  • Students requesting alternate materials as an accommodation should contact Disability Support Services for assistance at 206-281-2272 or

Tutorial video

Demaray Hall

DSS mission statement

Disability Support Services seeks to provide educational access through support, resources, advocacy, collaboration, and academic accommodations for students with disabilities accepted to the University.