Tutoring FAQ

Will I be able to ask questions at CFL study tables?

Yes! At study tables, tutors will move from student to student, answering individual and group questions. If the tutor cannot answer your question, he or she will be sure to refer you back to your faculty member.

What if I want a guaranteed one-hour tutoring session for a course covered by CFL study tables?

Contact your faculty member or the Center for Learning for a private tutoring referral. Costs for these private services vary.

What is the cost of tutoring at Center for Learning study tables or study sessions?

Free to SPU undergraduate students! See what courses are covered this quarter.

How much does private tutoring cost?

This is determined by the tutor. When qualified students sign up as private tutors, they indicate whether they charge a fee or offer tutoring for free as a form of community service. For more info about private tutor fees, stop by the Center for Learning in Lower Moyer Hall.

What if I need a private tutor but am concerned about the cost?

We are encouraging SPU academic service groups from various departments to offer free tutoring for students unable to cover the cost of private tutoring. We will do our best to connect you to resources that can help.

How do I set up an appointment with a tutor?

If there is a tutor-led study table or study session for your class, you don’t need to make an appointment. Drop in as often as you want to ask questions, do homework, or study for exams. See the quarter’s tutoring options to find out if your course is covered and when the study table or study session will be held.

If you want to meet with a private tutor, contact the tutor via email to schedule an appointment time that works for both of you. Private tutor contact info is available at the Center for Learning .

If you want a private tutor but the Center for Learning doesn’t have any recommendations, contact your faculty member for further assistance.

How are CFL tutors selected for study tables or study sessions?

CFL tutors are enrolled SPU undergraduate students recommended by faculty members and are qualified based on both their academic and interpersonal skills. Our tutors are trained by the Center for Learning staff and receive ongoing supervision.

How do tutors get on the private tutor referral list?

Private tutors on the referral list are enrolled SPU undergraduate students who have either (1) been recommended by faculty members who teach the course(s) they tutor or (2) have recommended themselves based on their past experience in tutoring settings.

When you request a tutor referral, the Center for Learning will tell you how the tutor was recommended.

How can I become a private tutor and get my name on the referral list?

To be a “faculty recommended” tutor, contact a faculty member who knows your academic performance in the subject area you’d like to tutor. If the faculty member chooses to recommend you, he or she should send an email to mjallen@spu.edu specifying the courses you are qualified to tutor. We will then respond with further information.

To recommend yourself as a tutor, send a message to cfltutoring@spu.edu. This is the choice often made by students that are new to SPU if they have had previous experience as a tutor in other settings. Once we receive your message, we will respond with further information.

Want more information about becoming a private tutor? Check out our info for private tutors for more details.

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