Residence Halls and Campus Apartments

Residence Halls

Several residence halls are located in the heart of campus for guest use during the summer months (mid-June to mid-August).

Arnett Hall

SPU Arnett Hall 

Arnett Hall, SPU’s newest residence hall, was opened in Autumn 2014. It features suite-style rooms, a comfortable main lounge and floor lounges, sweeping views, and a rooftop deck.

Ashton Hall

SPU Ashton Hall 

Ashton Hall is SPU’s largest residence hall. Its hilltop setting offers a striking view of the campus and the Lake Washington Ship Canal.

Hill Hall

SPU Hill Hall  SPU Hill Hall 2

Hill is located across the street from Gwinn Commons and features a large main lounge and a grassy lawn perfect for impromptu games or outdoor hang-out time.

Moyer Hall

SPU Moyer Hall  SPU Moyer Hall 2

Located in the center of campus, Moyer Hall is close to most classrooms, dining locations, and recreational facilities.

Emerson Hall

SPU Emerson Hall  SPU Emerson Hall 2

Emerson Hall stands apart in that it features suite-style dorm rooms, several lounges of varying sizes on each floor, and a beautiful main lounge in the entryway. This residence hall is located near the Lake Washington Ship Canal and provides easy access to the heart of campus, located directly across the street.


SPU Wesley Apartments  SPU Cremona kitchen Bertona bedroom SPU SPU Falcon Duplex

Many apartment buildings are conveniently located around campus and are available for guests during summer months (mid-June to late-August).

View a directory of campus apartments.

The Wesley Apartments offer another housing option, with well-equipped one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom layouts.

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ADA access?

You’ll find ADA-approved handicapped parking in the Demaray parking lot. Access Gwinn Commons through the Ames Library back entrance, through the Library to Martin Square, and then up the Gwinn Commons elevator to the third floor.