Seating Layouts

Talk to Conference Services about the kinds of seating arrangements you’ll need for your event in Upper Gwinn at SPU. Here are a few suggestions.

SPU Upper Gwinn chairs

Note: All capacities listed below are maximums, with minimal extra setup. The addition of a stage, tables for exhibits, catering tables, etc. will impact seating capacities.

Queen Anne Room
Banquet-style seating    160
Theatre-style seating    240
Square footage             2,875

Cascade Room 
Banquet-style seating    64
Theatre-style seating   120
Square footage            1,765

Queen Anne and Cascade Room              
Banquet-style seating    320
Theatre-style seating    500*
Square footage             4,640

Banquet-style seating     40
Theatre-style seating    n/a
Square footage             1,430

*Upper Gwinn contains 400 matching chairs. Any additional seating will need to be ordered through Facilities.





Crescent (rounds)


Contact Conference Services for more details about how to configure seating for your next event.

Request for space

Interested in reserving facilities on the SPU campus for your outside group? Here’s your first step:

ADA access?

You’ll find ADA-approved handicapped parking in the Demaray parking lot. Access Gwinn Commons through the Ames Library back entrance, through the Library to Martin Square, and then up the Gwinn Commons elevator to the third floor.