Photo Submission

The Falcon Card Photo Upload System  can be accessed by logging in with your SPU username and password.


Start by visiting the site and navigating to the Detailed Instructions page. Read through this information closely to learn about photo guidelines and requirements, see sample photos, and find out what the submission process entails. If you have any questions at that point please visit the FAQs and TERMS OF USE pages before clicking MY CARD and getting started.

The system will walk you step by step through the uploading, cropping and submission of your Falcon Card photo and a picture of your government-issued photo ID. First you will upload the unedited photograph of yourself that meets the stated guidelines and requirements. You'll have the opportunity to crop your photo as necessary once uploaded. Then you will upload a picture of your government-issued photo ID (passport, driver's license, military id, etc.)

Once you have finalized your submission, Falcon Card Services will review the photo and approve or disapprove it based on the requirements. You will receive communication about the approval status of your submission to your SPU e-mail address, however you can also use the CHECK STATUS page on the site.

Your Falcon Card will be printed with your approved photo on it and will be available either at the Falcon Card Services office or at a designated location for distribution (Undergraduate Orientation Move-In, Graduate Orientation, etc.).

Photo requirements

  • Current color photo with a solid, flat white background without indentation or pattern, taken indoors with natural light and flash that evenly illuminate your entire face.
  • Full-face passport-style head shot directly facing and looking at the camera with open eyes, a natural expression, and no tilting of the head. Smiling is encouraged.
  • Clothing must be visible, however no uniforms or costumes are allowed.
  • No hats, sunglasses, headphones, or other accessories that obstruct a complete view of the face, and no one other than you are allowed. Prescription glasses without glare or tint and religious head coverings are allowed only if worn on a daily basis.
  • Do not crop or edit your photo in any way before submitting.
  • Only .jpg files accepted with high resolution photographs being highly preferred.
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