Registration Requirements

Before their first quarter, All SPU students are required to:

  • Complete all four pages of the Health History and Registration form.
    • Be sure to sign the bottom of the first page.
    • You may attach official documentation of measles immunity and immunization records to this form instead of completing the second page.
  • Demonstrate immunity to the measles virus. This can be done with official documentation (in English) of at least two doses of a measles containing vaccine (usually MMR) after age 1 or by blood test (titer). Contact Health Services to learn more about how to meet this requirement. We can help. 
  • International students are required to provide documentation of immunity to measles AND to provide screening test results for tuberculosis within six months of arriving in the U.S.
    • You can schedule an appointment for this in Health Services or call us at 206-281-2231 for more information.
  • A registration hold may result if these requirements are not met.

    Submit the completed and signed document to Health Services in person or by mail, or fax. Do not email this document.

    Mail or fax to:

    Health Services
    Seattle Pacific University
    3307 Third Avenue West, Suite 110
    Seattle, WA 98119-1922

    Questions? Phone: 206-281-2231 or fax: 206-281-2674.

Meningitis information sheet

What’s meningitis and how can you lower your risk? Check out this brief Meningitis Info Sheet. (PDF)

Demaray Hall

Drug-Free Schools

It’s all about your safety and health. Here’s what you need to know about our compliance with the federal Drug-Free Workplace and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Acts.