JPC Winter 2021

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JPC Winter 2021 Highlights

For Winter 2021, the John Perkins Center is providing ways to stay connected to community development and reflect on reconciliation at work. As a center that helps students with community engagement through growth and discipleship in areas of reconciliation and community development, we hope students will develop connection with local area organizations, as well as our community partners abroad.

Support to Community Partners

Students can learn from student leader voices and experiences, as well as about our work with community partners. Follow Latreia and Urban Involvement for opportunities this quarter for teach-ins and virtual support opportunities with our community partners. As we start fall quarter, while we will not have in-person service opportunities with our community partners at this time, yet there may be virtual support opportunities. If you are interested in possibilities to serve in this way, please contact Ashlee' Thomas, coordinator for local community engagement:

  • Urban Involvement: UI does have virtual opportunities for students to engage with the greater Seattle area. Check out Urban Involvement for more information and email questions to Ashlee' Thomas. 
  • Latreia: This quarter join us for a Latreia Engagement Day. Please check Latreia for details and more information. Contact Meg Rouse with questions.

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SPRINT: Global Engagement 

If you are interested in global engagement, connect with SPRINT on Instagram, Engage, and Facebook. For more information email SPRINT.

  • Global Engagement Talks: SPRINT will host professors and community partners to answer questions about organizations and how students can engage in a global topic (immigration, philanthropy, justice, environment, etc.). 
  • Global Perspectives (LIVE!) with Tomas Perez of Bell’s Cookies: Growing up and living in Colombia. Sign Up Now! 
  • February 26th | 3-5pm | Bell's Cookies Parking Lot
  • On February 26th, from 3-5pm at Bell’s Cookies, SPRINT invites you to participate in a 10 min Global Perspectives Q&A with Tomas, who grew up in Colombia. After the Q&A, we will invite you to take a cookie back home for later consumption. Sign Ups and Self-Attestation are required with limited spots!
  • Global Perspectives: The Power of Narrative: Last quarter Dr. Raphael Mondesir shared on history and colonization and his experience in his home country of Haiti, for our fall focus of story and perspective.

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Community Groups

In Context hosts groups welcoming students, faculty and staff to come together for 5 weeks to discuss race, ethnicity, and justice. Coming together to learn about the ever-present reality of systemic racism. If you are interested in learning more about a workshop with In Context, contact Patti Fong,

  • Winter In Context:  Mondays, February 1 - March 1, 4:30-6:00 pm (virtual offering)

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Academic Partnerships

The Perkins Center is partnering with faculty in the classroom to integrate intentional experiences and exploration around community engagement and conversations on race.

  • In fall quarter, JPC staff supported faculty with conversations on race in a few University Colloquium sections, as well as integrating exploration on community engagement in University Foundations. 
  • In winter and spring quarters, JPC staff will continue to integrate exploration on community engagement and the 3 R's in University Foundations.

JPC Newsletter

The Perkins Center sends out a weekly newsletter during the academic quarter sharing opportunities and highlights from the campus and the Seattle community engaging reconciliation and community development. Request to sign-up for the newsletter by emailing:

JPC Drop-In 

We recognize that in this season, students you are unable to drop into the JPC office, to sit, grab a snack and hang out. So we want to create a time of connection to gather in JPC space through a weekly JPC Drop-In time on Zoom, on Tuesdays, 12:00 - 1:30 pm. 

Other Ministry Opportunities with UMin

While continuing to practice distancing, the UMin staff and student leaders are creating spaces and opportunities for connection and spiritual growth. Explore the UMin Online page for more information.

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Community Events & Partnerships

See University Ministries for other spaces and opportunities for connection and spiritual growth for Fall 2020. 

In this season we are still practicing safety and health with virtual and alternative social distant opportunities. The Perkins Center is excited to explore this creative season of community engagement.


Spring 2020 the Perkins Center invited campus to reflect on spaces where they find hope in community during the onset of the COVID season. On April 21, chapel focused on developing a lens to see hope in action within our communities, as the JPC team invited campus to create a presence on social media using the tag #JPCHopeinAction, highlighting "hope in action" from their communities. 


Welcome to SPU!

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