SPRINT: Seattle Pacific Reach-out International

SPRINT students

Student teams participating in Seattle Pacific Reach-out International, or SPRINT, work with Christian organizations in the host countries. While there, the student-led teams serve and learn through opportunities to engage with local initiatives led by congregations, community leaders, and educators.


Due to COVID-19, SPRINT is unable to join our friends in Barranquilla, Colombia for our normal programming. In light of this, SPRINT is offering alternative methods to engage in global topics. The two offerings are "Global Perspectives" and a "SPRINT 2021" alternative immersive experience.

Global Perspectives

SPRINT core leadership invites and facilitates a discussion with a selected guest expert on a selected global topic. In inviting students to join along and participate, SPRINT Core hopes to introduce students to a common global topic, model the process of unlearning and unpacking preconceived notions or biases, embody Perkins Center ideals (Reconciliation, Redistribution, Relocation) in becoming Global Citizens who are capable of engaging.


SPRINT core leadership is creating an alternative immersive engagement with its advisor. As part of alternative immersive engagement, students will spend a half day volunteering, and a half day engaging in a global issue in the localized Seattle context. Focuses will be on:

  •  Decolonizing the City and its local history
  •  LatinX Cultture and History

  •  Refugees and Immigration

  •  Environmental Justice

  •  Building Peace and Restorative Social Justice

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Participants undergo extensive pre-trip preparation with training meetings, team-building activities, and a 2-credit course covering topics of theology, community development, and reconciliation.

SPRINT is facilitated by student leaders and operates under the guidance of John Perkins Center staff, who serve as advisors for student leaders.

Support SPRINT

Team members have begun their fundraising. You can support our SPRINTers for their life-changing experience by donating toward their trip costs. Donations are tax-deductible according to applicable tax laws.

For our SPU campus community, students participate in several fundraisers, giving faculty and staff the opportunity to support SPRINTers through their purchase of various items.


To learn more about the lasting impact on students returning from a trip, read “Impact on Reentry” in Response magazine.

Review the expected student global learning outcomes and values (PDF).

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