Ames Program Benefits

ames scholars at praise and worship

From the time you arrive on campus until the time you receive your diploma, you benefit from the Ames Scholarship and Leadership program. Here’s how:

Ames Scholars:

Attend Early Connections Orientation (EC) and ongoing programming

  • Ames scholars have the opportunity to meet, get connected to, and ask questions of Multi-Ethnic Programs staff, Early Connections leaders, and other first-year Ames Scholars and Early Connections students starting the summer before they attend SPU. 
  • During EC Orientation, scholars will be placed in small groups of first-year students and paired with EC leaders who continue to meet, mentor, and create a network of support throughout a student’s entire first year.

Move into residence halls early 

  • Ames Scholars who’ll live on campus are eligible to move in a day or two before other incoming students in order to attend EC Orientation.

Receive mentorship and academic support

  • Every scholar receives quarterly 1:1 mentorship and personalized support with MEP staff throughout the student’s entire academic journey at SPU.

Gain access to additional scholarships

  • Scholars have first access to paid on-campus leadership positions through Early Connections Leadership (a requirement of the program in a student’s second year).

Benefit from leadership development

  • Second-year scholars regularly attend leadership development training and workshops, as well as events and activities, as part of their involvement with EC Leadership. They also provide peer-mentorship to first-year EC students.

Participate in community building

  • Scholars are encouraged to attend fun EC events and activities designed for community, stress reduction, and health and wellness throughout their time at SPU. Examples include family dinners, Zumba, yoga, study groups, trivia nights, BBQs, self-care evenings, and more!
  • Scholars are connected to student clubs and organizations on campus.

Get connected to resources

  • There are so many incredible resources at SPU, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or how to access them. Ames Scholars are introduced to a variety of support services at the University designed to help students thrive.
  • Scholars attend helpful student-led resource workshops on topics such as “How to Pay for College,” study abroad, BIPOC counseling groups, etc.