This is not your standard “songs and sermon” program. Group is a holistic service, an immersion of the body, mind, and heart in the Christian story.

Group is SPU’s Wednesday-night worship service that meets at 8:00 p.m.

We offer a fresh approach to liturgy, in which the whole service teaches the message of our theme. Songs, prayers, scripture, art, short reflections from campus pastors and student leaders, and other activities help us imagine our own role in God’s story of redemption for the world.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, we want to remind students that you belong here! We're seeking to create spaces of belonging on campus. Come ready to wrestle with big ideas, engage in community, and embody the redemption story of Jesus each and every week.

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Group is advised by the Minister of Worship & Production, Priscilla Onyedikachi Ozodo-Acevedo and Campus Ministries Graduate Assistant, Mykylie Zelaya.

Ways to connect

Campus Ministries Staff

From spiritual formation, to pastoral care, to gathering in worship, the Campus Ministries staff are talented and compassionate in their ministry roles.

Student Ministry Coordinators

Student Ministry Coordinators (SMCs) serve the spiritual needs of students living in the residence halls. Each SMC is responsible for a particular residence hall floor, serving God by living as an example of wisdom, responsibility, and grace.