Current Students

(NEW: 7/16/20) To gauge how well the revised course schedule is going to align with student needs, we’re asking students to complete a short survey which was included in an email from Provost Hartley on July 16.

Here’s what to expect this fall, plus a few timely reminders:

  • Autumn Quarter schedules are changing. By starting on Monday, September 14, we can end earlier, on Tuesday, November 24 — before the Thanksgiving break. Here’s the latest academic calendar.
  • We’ll be going hybrid. In-person classes will follow rigorous health and safety protocols. This applies especially to classes that include research, experiential, or hands-on learning. Other classes can incorporate the best of remote learning, building on lessons we’ve learned over the past quarter.
  • Residential halls will be ready for you. And residence life coordinators and resident assistants will be there to support and enrich your experience. 
  • Services and support are in place through our Student Life, Athletics, and University Ministries programs, among others. Be sure to check out the new “Help a Falcon Fly” program that connects students with alumni and SPU friends to equip you for a challenging job environment.
  • Remember the protocols – including six feet of separation from others on campus. It’s required of everyone… for now.
  • Keep those face masks on. Unless you’re inside your residence hall room or apartment, you’ll need to wear one whenever you’re inside a campus building — or if you can’t maintain six feet of separation outside. Exceptions apply, so check this page under “Face Coverings” for a more complete list of conditions. (You can take the mask off when you’re eating.)
  • Stay healthy. And stay in your room if you’re ever sick. Important: Everyone needs to follow health screening protocols. (See “Illness and Exposure” on this page.) If you feel sick, contact Health Services! It’s more important now than ever. 
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands — before and after eating, before and after using the bathroom, all day. Just like Mom said, but even more. Avoid touching your face or eyes. Use sanitizer, and keep frequently-touched objects sanitized. You know the drill. 
  • Remember, things are changing fast — and they will continue to change in weeks to come. Read the latest in SPU’s online Health and Safety Expectations. Or contact Health Services at 206-281-2231 (