Mandatory COVID-19 self attestation

SPU’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Rules for Campus describe how everyone will perform some level of self-screening each day they are on campus. 

Starting July 6, all SPU faculty and staff who come to campus will be asked to self-attest online that they meet certain criteria for being on campus (e.g., not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms). 

SPU has developed a campuswide tool through Banner and Formstack to report a daily COVID-19 self-attestation for all faculty and staff working on campus (including Camp Casey or Blakely Island). Each faculty and staff member should perform the online self-attestation any day they plan to come to campus before they arrive on campus. Also, deans and supervisors will be responsible for monitoring that employees in their areas are completing the self-attestation form.

Steps for Completing Self-Attestation Form

The following steps describe how to complete the self-attestation form. 

  1. Before coming to campus, log into Banner, select the “Personal Menu” tab, and click the link titled “COVID-19 Symptom Self-Attestation Form.” 
  2. Click the “Go to Form” button to be taken to a Formstack form. 
  3. Read the material labeled “Criteria for presenting to SPU campus” and select one of the two options on the form indicating whether you can attest that you meet the listed criteria for being on-campus. 
  4. Read the rest of the material on the screen (e.g., recommendations about what to do if you have symptoms), then click “Submit Form” at the bottom of the screen.

If you cannot attest that you meet the criteria for being present on campus, then you should not come to campus. For more information about COVID-19, including what to do if you are exhibiting symptoms, see SPU Health Services COVID-19 FAQ.

Record-keeping and Monitoring

After an employee completes the form, a record will be generated that includes the name of the employee, the date and time the employee submitted a response, and what the employee’s response was (i.e., whether the employee attested they met the criteria or did not attest they met the criteria). SPU Health Services will have access to this information but will not actively monitor responses.

Also, after an employee completes the form, an email will be automatically sent to the person identified as the employee’s “supervisor” in Banner (for faculty this is generally the dean, and for staff this is the person who approves the employee’s leave report). The email will note the date and time the employee submitted the form but will not identify which option the employee selected.  

Deans and supervisors should monitor that faculty and staff in their areas are completing the self-attestation online form each day before they come to campus. However, at this time deans and supervisors are not expected to ask employees how they answered the self-attestation, or to take employee temperatures on campus. Deans and supervisors should also enforce the expectation that employees in their areas stay home if sick or immediately go home if they feel sick while on campus.


If you have questions about COVID-19 or the content of the self-attestation online form, you can contact SPU Health Services ( or 206-281-2231). If you have questions about accessing the form on Banner, you can contact the CIS Help Desk ( or 206-281-2982).