Mandatory Skillsoft COVID-19 training

As part of SPU’s community wellness and legal compliance efforts, all SPU faculty and staff will be required to view a COVID-19 focused training module on Skillsoft. The module is approximately 26 minutes in length and covers basic information about COVID-19. Faculty and staff who are currently coming to campus should complete the training as soon as practical. Other SPU faculty and staff should complete the training before returning to campus. Additional training materials will be provided later this summer. 

To take the COVID-19 training, log into Skillsoft and select "Learning Plan" in the top menu, and then select "Safety Short: Coronaviruses and COVID-19." Once you complete the training, a report will be sent to Human Resources. You can also print a completion report. 

If you have any questions or issues about this training, contact Gary Womelsduff, director of Human Resources, at