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Jordan Shannon

Jordan Shannon

Therapist, Extern


Education: BA – University of Florida, Gainesville (2014); MSEd – Monmouth University, New Jersey (2017)

Counseling is a professional relationship in which students aim to have an objective ear on their current thoughts and decision-making. My goal in our work is to be that objective ear and mutually work together towards your goals. At this pivotal time of development, many students are enduring psychological, social, academic and career-related distress. I believe both preventative efforts of distress and current distress can be worked through the collaborative work of the counseling relationship. The center of my practice is to hold those moments of challenge, distress, anxiety and pain through means of humanistic engagement. My hope is that counseling encourages you to feel self-worth, self-esteem, and strength as you navigate this juncture of your development.