Resources for concerned others

Consultation with SCC staff is available during regular business hours. Consultations are available for students, family members, faculty, staff, or any concerned person who wishes to talk with a SCC professional about a student suffering from emotional stress or counseling referrals.

Resources for concerned others

Advice on Assisting Students

The Student Counseling Center provides a range of mental health services. For more information about what your student can expect at the SCC, we encourage you to explore our website.

Keep in mind, we can talk with you about your concern for your student. However, we are only able to share specific information about your student's treatment if they have signed a written release allowing us to do so.

The SCC provides short-term individual services only. We often refer students with ongoing or chronic conditions to local providers. Help your student by sharing insurance coverage details or helping them to access that information.

If you would like to find a private practitioner in the local community, please visit our Resources and Referrals page. 

Additional Resources

Students are adults and must schedule their own appointments. However, an SCC counselor can help you figure out how to talk with your student about your concerns and, when indicated, encourage scheduling an appointment at the SCC.

If you are concerned about a mental health emergency after SCC business hours, you or your student can contact the SPU Safety and Security at 1-206-281-2911.