Orientation Safety Tips

Current Students

Welcome, new students! We are excited for you to join Seattle Pacific University. SPU has been planning several activities before the start of classes that are intended to be fun ways to introduce you to SPU, your fellow students, and the surrounding area. To help promote safety throughout Orientation week, we want to provide some basic safety tips:

  • Be careful when crossing or walking near busy roads around campus, including if you walk to Interbay Stadium for soccer games. Be particularly careful if visibility is limited (e.g., after dark). Even if you are crossing at a crosswalk, try to make sure oncoming vehicles see you and yield before crossing.
  • Also be careful when driving, especially if you are not familiar with the area. It is not uncommon to encounter construction, detours, or one-way streets when driving in Seattle, or for residential streets to be narrow and have cars parked on one or both sides. Also, slow down when approaching uncontrolled intersections to watch for cross-traffic or pedestrians (who may not remember to watch for you).
  • Seattle is a wonderful city to explore, but always be aware of your surroundings, particularly if you are in an unfamiliar area after dark. If you go off-campus, we encourage you to become familiar with transportation routes and options ahead of time and to travel in groups.
  • Orientation events involve varying degrees of physical activity. For example, some service projects may include the opportunity to perform manual labor, or students may engage in various sports or games on campus. Each person should determine what types of activities may or may not be appropriate for them based on their own health conditions.
  • If you ever experience or witness a medical emergency on campus, or if you ever feel unsafe on campus or see something suspicious that you think should be reported, call the Office of Safety and Security at (206) 281-2911 or by pressing the call button on an emergency phone. Security officers are trained medical responders, and the dispatch center will contact 911 if necessary. Safety and Security dispatchers will know the address of every building on campus and can direct medical responders to your exact location.
  • We encourage you to review SPU’s emergency preparedness webpages. These webpages provide basic guidance for how to respond to various types of emergencies on campus.
  • We also encourage you to confirm that your cell phone number is correctly entered in the Banner Information System (under the “Personal Menu” and “Emergency Alert System” tabs) so that you can receive any text message alerts sent using “SPU-Alert,” SPU’s emergency mass-notification system.

While SPU seeks to promote safety, it cannot control all circumstances. Remember that you’re in the best position to look out for your own safety and that participation in Orientation events is voluntary.

Again, welcome to campus! We’re excited that you have chosen to become a part of the SPU community.