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Alumni, Parent, and Family Relations

Alumni News

A message from the vice president of University Advancement

Grace in the midst of crisis

Dear Alumni,

I write this letter today from my living room, working from home like many of you. This past week has moved at warp speed, fraught with considerable unknowns and a rapidly changing landscape. While I am weary, I sit brimming with wonder, admiration, and inspiration: Wonder, watching our faith provide strength. Admiration, for the resiliency of our administration, faculty/staff, and, most of all, our students as we navigate a dramatic environmental shift. And inspired: by our community’s pervading grace as we adapt. 

That grace was on full display this week by one of our wonderful professors, Dr. Mischa Willett, in an email to his students. Here is a brief excerpt:

I know I already told you how proud I am of you for your work these past two terms, but I wanted to offer some final encouragement as we all turn the unpredictable corner into a new kind of schooling for spring term. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

First, you are ready for this. All of our preparations about developing an academic frame of mind, about following independent inquiry, as well as your work in other classes, have set you up to be resilient in exactly the way that is now required.

This is likely temporary. There will be a time when things return to normal. There is no reason to think that the nature of the universe has fundamentally changed. Stick with the plan, stay on course as much as possible. 

This University has a special heartbeat; a unique understanding of its purpose and role to educate. It’s why we’re here. It’s why everything we do matters. Together, with faith as our anchor, that heartbeat will remain strong. Thank you for your care for your alma mater and for our mission.

Let us pray for each other and spread kindness and compassion. And may I ask for your prayers that God would continue to guide this university as to His purposes as we trust him for provision, direction, and strength.

Lastly, I pray for your continued health.

Louise Furrow

Vice President for University Advancement

Seattle Pacific University, Engaging the Culture, Changing the World

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