September Session

Spanning the period between the end of Summer Sessions and the beginning of the regular Autumn Quarter, September Session provides students an opportunity to attend unique or specialty courses offered in a number of traditional and nontraditional formats. These courses may provide a path to catch up on credits or to move toward degree completion more quickly. Credits taken during September Session are included in a student's Autumn Quarter load. Those eligible for Autumn Quarter financial aid may apply that aid toward September Session.

As with Summer Sessions, there are a variety of schedules and delivery options available for courses offered during September Session.

September Session FAQ

What are the dates of September Session?

September Session dates can be found on the academic calendar. Generally, September Session runs four weeks from mid-August to mid-September each year.

When does registration begin for September Session courses? 

September Session registration will begin at the same time as Autumn Quarter registration. 

How do I find the classes offered during September Session?  

In the SPU Time Schedule, you may search Courses by Part of Term and select September Session. 

What are the charges and financial aid eligibility for September Session? 

You will be charged Autumn Quarter tuition rates. If you receive Autumn Quarter financial aid, it will apply toward September Session courses. If you take more than 18 credits total during the September Session and Autumn Quarter, you will be charged for the overload.

What about add/drop and refund dates? 

You may register or add courses by the first day of September Session. You have until the end of the second week of September Session to withdraw from classes (see the academic calendar for specific dates). Refunds are as follows: 100% through week one of September Session, and 0% thereafter.

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