University Core

UCOR 2000: The Emergence of the Modern Global System (5)


This course uses a “networks of exchange” approach to explore how the contemporary modern global system was formed, with special emphasis on the history and patterns of human inequality that mark today’s societies. It also highlights social forces that have challenged and alleviated inequality. As a Common Curriculum course at Seattle Pacific University, this course asks how we as Christians should live in a world that is both deeply divided and globally interwoven. It also asks what we can learn from those times and places in the past when the Christian vision for equality has broken through patterns of injustice and introduced reconciliation into contexts of inequality.

Restrictions: Freshman students are excluded.

UCOR 3000: Faith, Philosophy, and Science (5)


This course considers the question, “What do I believe and why do I believe it?” It explores questions about the Christian faith that arise from modern developments in philosophy and science. Topics include: faith and reason, theism and naturalism, the problem of evil, free will and determinism, the foundations of morality, soul and body, creation and evolution.

Attributes: Upper-Division Restrictions: Freshman students are excluded. Prerequisites: UFDN 2000: D or better OR UFDN 3001: D or better

UCOR 4930: Practicum (1-5)


Serve as a mentor to students in a University Core class under the direction of faculty. May be repeated for credit up to 12 credits.

Attributes: Upper-Division