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Windows Phone 7.5 is the latest version of software for Windows Mobile Devices. Configuring your phone to receive SPU email is very simple.

How To:

Windows Phone 7 and 7.5

  • One Start, flick left to the App List and select Settings -> Email & Accounts
  • Select Add an Account and choose Outlook
  • In the Email Address field enter
  • Enter your Password in the appropriate field
  • If you're prompted for a servername, enter
  • Select Sign In

Windows Phone 6.5 and Older (ActiveSync)

  • Go to ActiveSync -> Menu -> Configure Server
  • Enter as the server address and check the box for SSL Connection
  • Type your full email address for the username and password. Click OK to save these settings

Select the items you wish ActiveSync to synchronize, such as:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Tasks

Set a ActiveSync Schedule if you want your mobile device to automatically connect and synchronize your email account

Common Problems:

Windows Phone 6.5

In order to set up email, you will need to connect your phone to a computer first. Phones on Windows Phone 6.5 require ActiveSync on Windows XP or the Windows Mobile Device Center for users who have a Windows Vista or 7 computer. For help installing ActiveSync see Microsoft's help page.

Windows Mobile devices come in many models and varieties. Each manufacturer optimizes Windows Mobile for their device. Some of these modification work better than others. Your experience may vary depending on settings available, other software on the device, and coverage offered by your provider or the data network. Windows Mobile devices that try to synchronize while not in a coverage area may "lose" their settings and need to be configured again.

Make sure your default device settings are trying to ActiveSync via the cellular/data network, not a local PC as a pass-through connection.

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Last Updated: 9/19/2013