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What is The Sync Center?

The Sync Center is a portion of your Operating System that allows you to manage a local computer copy of your documents. The Sync Center also manages the synchronization between the local copy of your documents and the server copy.

Note: Any documents located within your My Documents folder on your computer is synced to the server.

How To:

Accessing The Sync Center:

  1. On the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop, click on the up arrow.
  2. accessingsynccenter_sm
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  3. Right-click on the Sync Center icon.
  4. Click on Open Sync Center.
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You may also click on Sync All to start a sync of your documents.

Using The Sync Center:

When opened, the Sync Center should look like this: synccenter_sm
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The Sync Center will show the status of your document datasync. Your Offline Files corresponds to the local copy of your documents on your comouter. When a sync is running, the progress bar will animate. Once the sync is finished, you will see a Sync Sucessful next to Status.

Here, you may use the Sync Center for the following:

  1. Click on Sync All to start a sync of your documents.
  2. Double click Conflicts to view any conflicts the sync may encounter.

Sometimes, you may encounter sync conflicts or errors. To minimize risk of data loss, errors and conflicts should be resolved immediately. Please see the Common Problems section below for instructions to resolve errors and conflicts.

Common Problems:

Resolving Sync Conflicts:

  1. From the main Sync Center window (See Above) click on Conflicts.
  2. Double click on a conflict.
  3. conflicts_sm
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  4. Click on which version you would like to keep.
  5. resolve_sm
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    When presented with this window, please click on a version that you know is the latest version that you want to keep. Indicators that help determine which file to keep include:

    • File Size - If the document has recently been edited to add content, a larger filesize is normally an indicator.
    • Date Modified - A file that is "newer" will have a more recent date and time stamp.

    If both the server and local copies of the document appear the same and you are sure that the document has not been edited recently, then go ahead and choose the version of the document that is on the server.

  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each subsequent conflict.

Sync Errors
If you encounter sync errors contact CIS as soon as possible at or 206-281-2982

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Last Updated: 4/19/2012