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The campus network is monitored for performance, reliability, and malicious activity. It is required that all users participate in ensuring the resource remains available and safe.

  • All devices must be authorized by SPU, authenticated, and identifiable.
  • Personal devices that extend the network or bypass authentication controls (routers or wireless access points) are not permitted
  • Each person is responsible to ensure their systems are free of viruses and malware.
  • Persons using the campus network and related resources must adhere to the University's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Connecting On Campus (Wired and Wireless)
Both wired and wireless connectivity is offered throughout campus.  Details on how to connect personal devices to the SPU Network are found on Connecting On Campus.

Access Resources From Off Campus
Citrix Remote Access is provided to Faculty and Staff who need to access resources (such as the My Documents folder or departmental file shares) from off campus via their personal computer. See


In a connected world, it's everyone's job to preserve the resource and ensure the safety of those using it. Learn more about this vitally important topic in the section labeled Security Awareness.

Internet and Campus Connectivity

SPU maintains a single campus network that connects all aspects of the university's academic, business, and residential segments to each other and the Internet. Our Internet gateway consists of a 100 mbps pathway via the Washington State K-20 network. Internally, segments of the network are isolated from one another for efficiency and security. 

See Also:

Accounts and Passwords (the credentials you'll need to access networked resources)

Device Registration (if your device can connect to the network, but has no browser)

Last Updated: 9/19/2011