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Network Access Exception Request

Most devices will have a web browser that allows the user to log in to the Network with their SPU Username and password. There are some devices that connect to the internet but have no web browser interface. This includes some models of personal firewalls (hardware) a Microsoft Xbox using the Xbox Live interface, the Nintendo Wii and other streamining media players.

Wireless Printers are not supported and will not work on campus.
Use a USB printer cable to connect to your printer.

How To:

Register your device

Login with your full SPU email address and password below. You will need to provide your device's MAC address.

Register your device

See Also:

MAC Addresses

This address is a 12 character sequence of numbers (0-9) and letters (A to F) separated by semi colons (:).

Note About Gaming Consoles:

Online game systems are allowed on the SPU network but support from CIS is at a minimal level. You are responsible for setup, configuration and trouble shooting. Some online game sites are known to have performance problems. Higher priority network requirements will take precedence over gaming activities.

Note About Hubs and Switches:

Personally owned hubs and switches will not work on the SPU Network. Do not attempt to register these devices.

Last Updated: 9/12/2012