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Losing critical data is one of the most frustrating and problematic computer issues most people encounter. Fortunately data loss is easily preventable with consistant backup procedures. Critical data and works-in-progress should always have a backup made. This copy should be saved somewhere other than your computer's hard drive.

You have several options available to backup your personal files on your computer - CD-R, USB Drives and Network storage are the most common. USB Thumb Drives are available for sale at most electronic and office stores as well as a limited number availible in the SPU Library.

SPU also provides methods of storing data to on-campus servers for preservation of personal documents. Note: there is a limited amount of space available and transferring data to a networked drive may take some time. Please see the additional information in the Network Storage section of this site.

Faculty and staff using SPU owned computers have their My Documents as well as Internet Explorer favorites automatically backed up to SPU's central server throughDatasync. This data is secure and encrypted. For data security reasons we discourage copying any university related data to personally owned storage devices. Sensative Personal Information (SPI) such as grades and personal identifiers should never be copied outside of this secure environment.
How To:
How to burn data to a cd:
  1. Right-click the file you want to write a CD and choose Send To->CD-RW
  2. Open 'My Computer' -> CD Drive
  3. On the left side select 'Write These Files to CD'
  4. A Wizard will guide you throught the disc writing process.
Note: This process may be different on some computers due to the burning software installed on the system
Common Problems:
Most common problems can be avoided by backing up data in advance.
See Also:
Sensative Personal Information (SPI) Precautions (prevent data breaches and accidental disclosures)