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Faculty and Staff are provided campus voice mail service. CIS provides maintenance, password resets and feature modifications for the voice mail service.
How To:

Voice Mail for Students in the Residence Halls
Voicemail is not offered to students in ResHalls. However, each room is equipped with a phone that is capable of making local area calls. Students will need an alternative method, such as a cell phone for receiving voicemail.

Access To Voicemail
Once you have a voicemail mailbox created, you need to follow the instructions below to set the personal greeting people hear when calling you.

From ANY on-campus telephone extension:

  1. Dial extension x2700 (206-281-2700 from off-campus)
  3. Press # (pound) sign on your phone
  4. Enter your MAILBOX NUMBER (this may not be your telephone extension number)
  5. Enter your PASSWORD

If this is the first time using the system, you will be prompted to reset your password and record a personal greeting.

Unified Messaging for Faculty and Staff
Unified Messaging (UM) is a voice mail system feature available to faculty and staff members to allow voice mail messages to be be integrated with the campus email system and Outlook. With UM your voice messages can be accessible from on- or off-campus telephones and will also appear in your email INBOX.

If you would like to have your voice mailbox configured for Unified Messaging, please contact the CIS HelpDesk

Voice Mail Out-of-Office Greeting
As a courtesy to callers (particularly faculty and staff members), you are encouraged to use the Out-of-Office personal greeting of the voice mail system to alert callers that there may be a delay in returning their call. You can set your voice mail Out-of-Office greeting by following the simple menu prompts after you access your mailbox.

  1. After you dial into your mailbox, press 3, this will take you to your personal options
  2. Listen to the menu prompts. Press 6 to record your Out of Office Greeting
  3. Follow the rest of the instructions to set up your greeting

Voice Mail Service Flowchart    Voice Mail Service Reference Guide

Common Problems:
Voice mail password resets are provided by contacting the CIS HelpDesk.

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