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The Computer and Information Systems department is responsible for providing campus computing and network resources that are available and reliable, and that assure the confidentiality and integrity of data both in transit and in storage. The following internal policies and guidelines govern how CIS fulfills this organizational mission.


CIS Internal Policies & Procedures

  • Identity Theft Prevention Program and "Red Flags Rule"

    This policy describes the procedures to detect, identify and mitigate instances of identity theft. The policy complies with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act of 2003, including the Red Flags Rule as required by the Federal Trade Commission. Updated April 2009. downloadDownload (pdf) pdf

  • Security Incident: Management and Reporting Policy

    This policy describes the procedures utilized by CIS in investigating, addressing and reporting alleged violations of the Acceptable Use Policy and systems security. Updated February 2009. Download (pdf)

  • Privileged Account Audit and Use Policy

    As administrators of confidential information systems, CIS maintains a high and open standard in the use of privileged account and audit capabilities. Updated September 2010. Download (pdf)

  • Network and Telecommunications Chargeback Policy

    Some network and telephony services entail a departmental chargeback as outline in this policy. Updated February 2009. Download (pdf)

  • Service Disruption Notification Policy

    This policy describes the CIS procedures for the notification of campus users in the event of systems disruption or planned outages. Updated February 2009. DownloadDownload (pdf) PDF

CIS Internal Standards and Guidelines

  • Campus Network Management Policy

    This policy describes the procedures used by CIS to manage campus network resources. Updated February 2009. Download (pdf)

  • CIS Server Provisioning - Service Level Agreement

    Update pending. downloadDownloadpdf

  • SPU Web Standards and Guidelines

    CIS is committed to providing a quality and accessible web interface for both internal and external audiences. This document describes the development standards and guidelines deployed to attain a high quality web presence. Updated January 2006. downloadDownloadpdf

  • NetTel Design and Construction Standards

    This document describes the design and construction standards for the campus network and telephony infrastructure. Download

  • CIS Blueprint for Excellence in Technology

    Update pending. Download

  • CIS Emergency Response Plan

    Update pending. Download