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SPSS is available in most academic labs and can be installed on SPU-Managed computers. If you need assistance installing the software on an SPU-managed computer, contact the CIS HelpDesk.

The software is also available for personal computers on the SPU Download Center for faculty, staff and students.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for download from Adobe's website. This free reader is an unrestricted download and is available to anyone on the Internet. This program does not have the ability to create, modify or write PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat Professional is licensed for use on campus owned computers in labs, classrooms and offices. Faculty and staff should talk to the CIS HelpDesk to install the software. Student access to this software is available in all computer labs and classrooms. Additional information can be found on the Adobe Web Site.

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Specialized Software in Academic Labs

For more infmation regarding specific labs please see our Academic Computer Labs page.

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Library Ryan Ingersoll
Otto Miller / Science Brad Gjerding
Classroom Computers Brendan McGree
Computers in academic computer labs and instructional classrooms will require you to log in using your SPU Username and password.
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Last Updated: 9/7/2011