Meet Some of Our International Faculty

Many international scholars and researchers are teaching at Seattle Pacific University. Here are a few of them.

Carlos Arias<br />(Honduras)
Carlos Arias

Associate Professor of Computer Science
PhD, National Tsing Hua University

Office: Otto Miller Hall 230

Robert Baah<br/>(Ghana)
Robert Baah

Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies
PhD, University of Southern California

Phone: 206-281-2339
Office: Marston Hall 214

Xu Bian<br/>(China)
Xu Bian

Assistant Professor of Chinese
MA, South China Normal University

Phone: 206-281-2030
Office: Marston Hall 245

Dale Cannavan<br />(Northern Ireland)
Dale Cannavan
(Northern Ireland)

Professor of Exercise Science
PhD, Brunel University

Phone: 206-281-2291
Office: Royal Brougham 101

Esther Cen<br />(China)
Esther Cen

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
PhD, McMaster Divinity College

Phone: 206-281-2349
Office: Alexander & Adelaide Hall 213

Andy Chen<br />(Canada)
Andy Chen

Assistant Professor of Marketing and Data Analytics
PhD, University of California-Berkeley

Phone: 206-281-2935
Office: McKenna Hall 206

Raedene Copeland<br/>(Trinidad)
Raedene Copeland

Associate Professor of Clothing and Textiles
PhD, University of North Carolina

Phone: 206-281-2195
Office: Peterson Hall 211

Jingyi “Cindy” Dong<br />(China)
Jingyi “Cindy” Dong

Assistant Professor of Nursing
DNP, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2769
Office: SHS 121

Daniela Gheleva<br />(Bulgaria)
Daniela Gheleva

Associate Professor of Food and Nutrition; Director of the SPU Community Kitchen Program; Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Phone: 206-281-2309
Office: Peterson Hall 204A

Mathieu Gnonhossou<br />(Benin)
Mathieu Gnonhossou

Assistant Professor of Theology
PhD, University of Manchester

Office: Alexander & Adelaide Hall 312

Joel Jin<br />(Canada)
Joel Jin

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology; Director of CPY Practicum
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

Phone: 206-281-2908
Office: Marston 107

Ange Kakpo<br />(Benin)
Ange Kakpo

Assistant Professor of Economics
PhD, Virginia Tech

Office: McKenna Hall 212

​Paul Youngbin Kim<br/>(South Korea)
​Paul Youngbin Kim
(South Korea)

Professor of Psychology
PhD, University of Notre Dame

Phone: 206-281-2987
Office: Marston 113

Keyne Law<br />(Canada)
Keyne Law

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology; Director of CPY Research
PhD, University of Southern Mississippi

Phone: 206-281-2956
Office: Marston 128

Don Lee<br />(South Korea)
Don Lee
(South Korea)

Professor of Management
PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Phone: 206-281-2555
Office: McKenna Hall 213

Jaeil Lee<br/>(South Korea)
Jaeil Lee
(South Korea)

Professor of Apparel Design and Merchandising; Director of Apparel Design and Merchandising
PhD, Ohio State University

Phone: 206-281-2196
Office: Peterson Hall 211

Minhee Lee<br/>(South Korea)
Minhee Lee
(South Korea)

Associate Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Columbia University

Phone: 206-281-2103
Office: Marston 251

Yuliya Minina<br/>(Ukraine)
Yuliya Minina

Instructor of Piano and Accompanist
DMA, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2205

Raphael Mondesir<br/>(Haiti)
Raphael Mondesir

Assistant Professor of Sociology
PhD, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2595
Office: Alexander & Adelaide Hall 305

Nyaradzo Mvududu<br/>(Zimbabwe)
Nyaradzo Mvududu

Dean, School of Education
EdD, Seattle Pacific University

Phone: 206-281-2551
Office: Peterson Hall 407

Mohammad Qadam Shah (Afghanistan)
Mohammad Qadam Shah (Afghanistan)

Assistant Professor of Global Development
PhD, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2651
Office: McKenna Hall 202

Charlotte Qu<br/>(China)
Charlotte Qu

Assistant Professor of Accounting
PhD, University of Michigan

Phone: 206-281-2397
Office: McKenna Hall 211

R. John Robertson<br/>(Northern Ireland)
R. John Robertson
(Northern Ireland)

Assistant Dean for Instructional Design and Emerging Technologies; Assistant Professor

Phone: 206-281-2287
Office: Ames Library

Chakrita Saulina<br />(Indonesia)
Chakrita Saulina

Assistant Professor of New Testament
PhD, Cambridge University

Phone: 206-281-2647
Office: Alexander & Adelaide Hall 205

Daniel Schofield<br/>(New Zealand)
Daniel Schofield
(New Zealand)

Professor of Chemistry
PhD, University of Otago

Phone: 206-281-2944
Office: Eaton Hall 303

Munyi Shea <br />(Hong Kong)
Munyi Shea
(Hong Kong)

Professor of Clinical Psychology
PhD, Columbia University

Phone: 206-281-2369

Bomin Shim<br/>(South Korea)
Bomin Shim
(South Korea)

Associate Professor of Nursing
PhD, Duke University

Phone: 206-281-2731
Office: 6 Nickerson 221

Ross Stewart<br/>(New Zealand)
Ross Stewart
(New Zealand)

Professor of Accounting
PhD, University of Glasgow

Phone: 206-281-2087
Office: McKenna Hall 229

Julia Tai<br/>(Taiwan)
Julia Tai

Director of Orchestra
DMA, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2949
Office: Crawford 101

Ilkka Talvi<br/>(Finland)
Ilkka Talvi

Instructor of Violin
Performance Diploma, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

Phone: 206-281-2205

Dainius Vaičekonis<br/>(Lithuania)
Dainius Vaičekonis

Associate Professor of Piano; Director of Keyboard Studies
DMA, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2925
Office: Crawford 105

Zhiguo Ye<br/>(China)
Zhiguo Ye

Associate Professor of History
PhD, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Phone: 206-281-2180
Office: Alexander & Adelaide Hall 406

Caroline Zhu<br /> (China)
Caroline Zhu

Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD, Duke University

Phone: 206-281-2900
Office: McKenna Hall 211