Freedom, Opportunity, and Security

Economic Policy and the Political System

by Douglas Downing, published by Lexington books

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This book considers many questions of economic policy. For example:
  • why Keynesians are right that aggregate demand stabilization is crucial, but wrong to think that discretionary policy is the best way to achieve it.
  • Government debt could be good or could be bad, depending on what it is used for and how it will be paid back.
  • Greedy lenders caused the mortgage crisis, but that greed alone cannot explain why lenders would carelessly lend heedless of the prospects for repayment.
  • Concentrated economic power is a problem, but there is risk that government policy ostensibly exercised to benefit the powerless can in fact be twisted to further enrich the rich.
  • Even when we know the best economic policy, there is a problem if the political system rewards candidates who support narrow-interest policies more than general-interest policies.
  • This book offers strategies to improve our dysfunctional presidential nomination system and uncompetitive congressional elections
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About the author

Douglas Downing has taught economics and quantitative
methods at the School of Business, Government, and
Economics at Seattle Pacific University since 1983.
He studied at Yale, earning a B.S. with double majors
in economics/political science and astronomy/physics in 1979,
and a Ph.D. in economics in 1987.
He has written 15 books, many of which have been published
in multiple editions. They include a trilogy of math textbooks
(Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus) written as adventure novels.
He is co-author
of Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms
and Business Statistics and has written other books on
math andcomputer programming.
He has been a leader for study abroad trips in China.
His mother Peggy wrote children's books and his father Robert was
business director at a public school district.
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