Mission Statement:

To increase the awareness of the different ASSP organizations and opportunities to the SPU community, to empower and encourage students through opportunities to become a community of value. To increase: multicultural competence, Christ-centered fellowship, and a unified student voice.

What is ASSP?

Our organization consists of several divisions including, Campus Activities, Campus Ministries, the ASSP Senate and Executive branch, and Student Media. Individually and collectively these departments work to live out our motto of "students serving students" by doing things like programming all-campus events and bringing concerts to the SPU campus. The ministries team works to ensure the development and continuance of the residence hall Student Ministry Coordinator program and the Chapel and GROUP programs. The ASSP Senate works hard to give students a voice in administration and faculty affairs by facilitating student representation on high level university committees, including the Board of Trustees. The club officers work hard to facilitate interaction among students and community leaders by focusing on a broad spectrum of interests that are as diverse as the backgrounds and convictions our student body. When all is said and done, everyone involved with an ASSP organization is ultimately working to unite students together under a vision and banner of a Christ-centered perspective.

What we are doing now

While our organization is focused heavily on the internal support of all of the programs, ministries, medias, and services that we fund and administrate, we aim to focus students on issues outside the SPU community. As an organization, we will be continuing to address the issue of Human Trafficking this 2013-2014 acedemic year. If you are interested in this issue, contact us at assp@spu.edu.

Still want more info?

If you are interested in understanding how ASSP actually works, download the organization charts below and see how things flow together. Ultimately, all ASSP leaders and departments are accountable to the ASSP Senate whose members are directly elected by the membership. All Senate meetings are open to any member (member = undergraduate student) and are held at 8:30pm every Monday evening in the Library Seminar Room, on the second floor of the University Library. If you ever have questions or concerns about your student government your first point of contact should be your ASSP Senator. Click here to find out who your Senators are. Also, feel free to stop by the ASSP Office on the first floor of the Student Union Building, which is open from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. The ASSP Office Assistant staff and executive officers are available to answer questions. Click here for general contact and executive staff information.