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STUB's Purpose

"To plan and implement a broad range of campus programs and activities that reflect Christian values and foster social, cultural, and intellectual growth."

Who is STUB?

STUB consists of six Event Programmers, one Publicist, and one Coordinator, who oversees the whole program

What does STUB do?

STUB plans and implements many of the university’s annual events, including First Fridays, Tradition, Talent Show, Study Bark, and Shapadooah.

How can I get involved with STUB?

Become a TAP! TAPs (Team Action Personnel) work alongside team members during work days and the day of events in preparing and executing events. Often times it is the help we get from TAPs that provides the essential help we need in making sure an event runs smoothly!

To become a TAP, contact Natalie Teegarden (Coordinator) at, and she will add your name and email to the contact list that is referred to as STUB prepares for each event.

How can I become a member of STUB?

STUB applications will be available Spring Quarter. Until then, becoming a TAP is a great way of familiarizing yourself with the current STUB team members and their responsibilities.

With further questions, please contact the STUB Coordinator at Or stop by our office in the SUB!

STUB Coordinator

Gracie Kavanaugh

Assistant Director of OSIL

Yikhwan Dillard