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Clubs offer the exciting possibility for anyone to leave their individualized mark on the SPU community in a very personalized way, and to get involved with ASSP and campus culture

Visit CSC on Engage for ways to get involved, resources, and other forms.

Committee for Student Clubs

CSC Mission Statement:

To help move SPU clubs forward, in a direction of solidarity, by listening to club concerns, questions, and doubts; striving to help clubs find answers; and ultimately being successful and sustainable, thriving on SPU's campus.

Why does ASSP have CSC?

To communicate with all clubs and serve all club needs; to review the development, operation, and registration of clubs; to review requests for club funding & event proposals, and to hold clubs accountable to all university and ASSP policy.

What does CSC do?

  • Reviews all matters concerning club accountability, recognition, and continuance
  • Votes to approve or decline applications for funding and program request forms
  • Holds quarterly informational meetings with club leaders concerning available ASSP resources, club registration, and information concerning the ASSP budget timeline
  • Communicates regularly with clubs to ensure accountability to the guidelines set forth in this document
  • Works to advocate for and provide help to all campus clubs

How often does CSC meet?

  • CSC meets once a week on Mondays from 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • All program request forms MUST be received by Friday at 5pm to be seen on the following week's CSC Meeting Agenda.

How does my club communicate with CSC?

For any questions pertaining to CSC or the club process – please contact the Club Coordinator at

Club Budget Process:

CSC oversees the Club Programming fund and club event proposal process, from which clubs can request dollars. Clubs shall propose all events and event series for approval and funding. CSC has the authority to allocate up to $250 for each event or event series. CSC will advocate for clubs if funds exceed $250 and need to be submitted to Finance Board or Senate for approval. CSC will provide recommendation to Finance Board and (if over $750) to Senate.

CSC Members:

CSC Chair – Club Coordinator

Mysonne Brown

CSC Advisor

Alli Bautista

CSC Assistant Chair & VPCA

Andrew Josselyn

Student at Large



Cross Crabbe


Oliver Armand

ASSP Treasurer

Katie Sugino