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General Contact/Stall Talk

Jacky Nakamura- Communications Manager


Main Contact For: Student voice to administration, new initiatives & projects, items of pressing concern.

Office Location: The ASSP Office is located of the 1st floor of the Student Union Building, down the hall from UNICOM. The office is open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Feel free to stop by if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Communications Assistant

Madison Russell


  • Stall Talk Deployment.
  • Student discount development.
  • Assisting PRM with completing task.

Contact: Plese refer any questions, comments or concerns to the Public Relations Manager.


Sarah Kirschner


Who can use the ASSP Publicist: Registered Student Organizations. Essentially, if you are funded by ASSP, you can request the Publicist to design something for you. However, there are several exceptions to this.

Exceptions: If your RSO already has their own Publicist (eg. SPRINT) then you are ineligible to use the ASSP Publicist. Clubs are allowed to request the use of the Publicist, but under special circumstances outlined below:

Clubs: Due to the sheer volume of Clubs, the Publicist isnít able to design for all clubs, but clubs are still welcome to request it. Priority will be given to the following: events targeting over 150 people, Clubs who request far in advance, and annual events (such as Night of Beats). Each club can only use the Publicist up to two times per year. If the Publicist does not have time to complete the design, the club will be notified by the Public Relations Manager.

Deadline: The Publicist requires at least 2 weeks before the date of the event for any publicity material. Exceptions can be made for special cases, but there is no guarantee that it will get done. Priority is partially based on a first come, first serve basis, but is ultimately at the discretion of the PRM.

To Submit: Fill out this form: here. If you have any questions please contact us.

ASSP Branding: Download Branding Guidelines (PDF)


Sion Park


Requests:The website is updated on a weekly basis. If there is something that you would like amended or added, please contact Jacob Lindstrom.

Media Equipment Coordinator

Nicholas Burton


ASSP Media Contract: Download

ASSP Sound and Lighting System Specs: Download

ASSP Media has a full professional sound system with everything needed to provide sound for concerts, dances, and other events. Additionally, ASSP Media can provide up to four light trees for any event as well. Any club can make use of the Media Equipment for free if they fill out and turn in a Media Contract to the ASSP Office at least two weeks in advance of their event. Other on campus organizations can make use of the Media Equipment but will be required to pay via interdepartmental charge and must also fill out a media contract minimum two weeks in advance of any event. If you have any questions feel free to contact Cody.

Ministry Marketer

Kathryn Baumheckel


Main Contact For: Ministry Coordinators and Core Team members for any marketing/advertising needs.

Responsibilities: Advertisement for ASSP ministries and any graphic design/ photography/ videography needs. If you are a part of or partnering with University Ministries, I am available for consulting.

To Submit a Request, Please email Her at: