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"The eight ministries at SPU strive to provide a holistic experience for the student body at each of their events."


group is SPU's Wednesday night worship service that meets in upper Gwinn Commons at 8:30pm. group is a holistic service that provides an opportunity for students to be immersed in the Christian story with their bodies, minds, and hearts. Our approach to liturgy looks beyond the "songs+sermon" model for worship services and allows the whole service to teach the message of our scripture selection for the week. Each service also includes a short reflection on the scripture passage from Kelsey Rorem and members of the student leadership team. Please join us!

To get connected contact Levi Philip Clum,

If you need any accommodations, please contact Kathryn Baumheckel,

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gather is SPUís Tuesday morning Chapel worship service that meets in the sanctuary of First Free Methodist Church at 11:10am. gather provides a weekly space for all members of the SPU community (faculty, staff, and students) to worship and learn the Christian story together. Each week we learn more about what it means to live as Godís people in our world through corporate song, prayer, the reading of scripture, and a sermon or testimony by a special guest.

This year, all of our campus worship services will be studying the same book of the Bible together each quarter. Please join us as we immerse ourselves in these life-changing texts:

Autumn: Psalms > Winter: John > Spring: Revelation

To get connected contact Scott Swenson, or Akio Namioka,

If you need any accommodations, please contact Kathryn Baumheckel,

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Sharpen is a ministry for all SPU students that live off-campus or in the Campus Houses and Apartments (CHA). We want students to feel connected!

We strive to bridge those gaps by providing relational opportunities: eating together, living together, studying together, worshiping together, playing together. If there is an event or idea you think should be offered for commuter students, contact us and we will do our best to make it happen!

To get connected contact Adriel Gama-Reynoso,

If you need any accommodations, please contact Kathryn Baumheckel,

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SMC Program

The SMC Program strives to create a safe space for all members of the Residence Hall Community by establishing a tone of grace, love, honor, and respect through the integrity of our lifestyle and collaboration with other ministries.

To get connected contact Jacky Nakamura, or Luke Palmer,

If you need any accommodations, please contact Kathryn Baumheckel,

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