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"The eight ministries at SPU strive to provide a holistic experience for the student body at each of their events."

Urban Involvement

Urban Involvement is a ministry that seeks to connect students to volunteer and educational opportunities in which they can build relationships, learn about our city, and serve others.

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Seattle Pacific Reachout International (SPRINT) provides students with the opportunity to participate in short-term mission trips over the summer with partnered organizations in countries around the world. SPRINT aims to connect SPUís philosophy of cultural awareness and the diversity of a worldwide community into equipping students towards everyday service. Through these trips, students experience effective models of community engagement that seek to bring holistic restoration to individuals. Students gain invaluable insight into their own lives, their views, their major, even their vocation, and how these are connected to others in society--both locally and globally.

If you are interested in intimately experiencing another culture through embarking on an adventure that intersects with Godís plan of bringing wholeness to all, then you should consider a SPRINT trip.

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Latreia focuses on serving within the Seattle community. Latreia is a tool for the SPU community to use in connecting with service opportunities through our service days and volunteer organization database. Whatever the time or action, Latreiaís vision is to see love through service. We serve Seattle through quarterly service days, in hopes of connecting students to organizations they are passionate about. Our database is always available through the SPU website here to connect students and staff with specific organizations to volunteer through.

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