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Office Staff

As the ASSP Office Staff, we are here to serve you! Stop by our office in the SUB, email us, or give us a call. The ASSP Office is located of the 1st floor of the Student Union Building, down the hall from UNICOM. The office is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Feel free to stop by if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Communications Manager

Julianne Paine



  • Work with the Student Services Representative to increase the frequency of, and expand the scope of student discounts and deals.
  • Create a uniform set of promotional videos to highlight the various facets of ASSP to the student body in a clear and effective manner.

Main Contact For: All things publicity, and any items of pressing concern.

Responsibilities: The Communications Manager is responsible for managing and marketing any services provided to students from the local community. Additionally, the Communications Manager oversees the operations of the ASSP Office and assists in the coordination of student discounts and services. .

CSC Chair – Club Coordinator

Mysonne Brown (he/him)



  • Provide support and guidance to all current and prospective ASSP clubs
  • Encourage all students seeking to create, join, and participate within ASSP clubs and various leadership positions

Main Contact For: Anything club related, on and off-campus events, club Core and leadership positions.

Responsibilities: The Club Coordinator provides direct supervision of all official ASSP clubs. In conjunction with the VPCA, the Club Coordinator is responsible for club support, accountability, and continuance. The Club Coordinator is also responsible for leading the Committee for Student Clubs, processing and aiding all club program requests, assisting clubs with financial questions, and overseeing the general operation of ASSP clubs.

Treasurer/Club Finance Liaison

Katie Sugino


Jonah Bufford (they/them)

Responsibilities: The Webmaster coordinates the development of the ASSP website.


Lily Morgan

Responsibilities: The Publicist serves as liaison between ASSP and clubs by offering ideas as well as facilitating graphic design and marketing projects. The Publicist will work to create advertising campaigns with the Communications Manager as well as publicize student events on campus. Additionally, the Publicist works with the Communications Assistant to produce a bimonthly calendar for Stall Talk by handling information input and design of the product.

Communications Assistant

Caroline Jung (she/her)

Main Contact For: Student discounts and services.

Responsibilities: The Communications Assistant serves as a liaison between the Communications Manager, UNICOM, ASSP Core, and the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL). The Communications Assistant supports the development and maintenance of student discounts and services. Additionally, the CA oversees the publication and distribution of Stall Talk.

Media Coordinator

Keala Gasmen

Responsibilities: The Media Coordinator oversees all requests for the use of ASSP media equipment.

Media Tech

Alia Haro

Responsibilities: Media Techs support the Media Coordinator in supplying and running ASSP media equipment at events around campus.

Media Tech

Jonah Bufford (they/them)

Responsibilities: Media Techs support the Media Coordinator in supplying and running ASSP media equipment at events around campus.