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Outdoor Recreation Program

Joining students to adventure, creation, and community. The ORP connects students to outdoor activities by offering gear rentals and outdoor related programs.

How to Rent Gear

Rental Procedure


Students may reserve equipment in person at the office, over phone, or through email. There is no limit to the amount of equipment one student can reserve. Payment is required within 24 hours of reservation or the reservation will be cancelled. Cancellations can be made but reserved equipment must be made two business days in advance of the scheduled checkout date to receive a full refund. Students will not be recompensed if the reservation is cancelled less than two business days in advance. Cancellations can be made in person in the ORP office during business hours any day of the week, by phone, or through email.


The Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) Office will be open for students to reserve/check out/return equipment throughout the work week (M-F).

ALL ORP equipment rentals will be available for one of the following three rental periods:

Day Rentals:

Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday (1 full day) Day Fee

Weekend Rentals:

You can begin your weekend rental either Thursday or Friday and can return your weekend rental either Monday or Tuesday

Thursday/Friday to Monday/Tuesday (4 full days- including weekend) Weekend Fee

Week Rentals:

Can start rental Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Return same day of the next week. (6 full days- including weekend) Week Fee


Any equipment being returned to the ORP office MUST be returned in the presence of the ORC or VPCA. Items cannot be left at the office without the ORC or VPCA being present. Any equipment returned after ORC office hours will incur a late fine. Equipment will not be permitted to be retuned in the absence of the ORC. Students will be held accountable for all equipment checked out to them until it is returned in the presence of the ORC.

Fines and Late Fees

Fines will be issued if equipment is late, damaged, dirty, or lost. Any fine has a week to be paid before a student’s account is put on hold. Renters will not be permitted to register for classes until the hold is lifted from their account. Once a fine has been paid, the ORC will notify the Student Programs Advisor for the hold to be lifted. Fines need to be paid in full with cash or a check.

Late Equipment

Late Equipment will receive a $5 dollar fine each work day it is late. Students have two weeks to return equipment before they will be charged the replacement value. The fine cannot exceed half of the replacement value within the first week, and it cannot exceed the full replacement value.


Black Diamond Headlamp Replacement Value - $20

  • Day 1: 5$
  • Day 2: 10$
  • Day 3: 10$ - cannot exceed half the replacement value in first week
  • Day 4: 10$
  • Day 5: 10$
  • Day 6: 15$
  • Day 7: 20$
  • Day 8: 20$ - cannot exceed replacement value
  • Day 9: 20$
  • Day 10:20$

Equipment Damage

During the equipment return assessment if the equipment is damaged do to fault of the renting student, a damage fine must be issued to the respective student. Damage assessments are made at the discretion of the ORC. The ORC will continually track maintenance issues of the equipment allowing him or her to use good judgment and make an informed assessment when determining the need to or not to issue a fine in each individual circumstance. The ORP reserves the right to assess fines relative to the severity of the damage.

Example Fines

  • Torn Tent - $6.00
  • Bent Tent Pole - $4.00
  • Torn Sleeping Bag - $8.00
  • Broken Headlamp - $10.00

*These damage fines are for illustrative purposes only. These example fines show what certain situations could constitute a damage fine and an example fine amount. These do not reflect actual damage fines. All fines will be made at the discretion of the ORC, and reflect the cost of repair.

Cleaning Fee

During the equipment return assessment if the equipment is dirty to the point it is not in acceptable condition to return to the inventory immediately, other than routine equipment airing out, then a cleaning fine of ten dollars must be issued during the equipment return assessment to the respective student. The ORC will inform the student of the issued through email indicating they have been issued a ten dollar cleaning fine, the reasons why, and the timeline in which the fine needs to be paid before a hold will be placed on their account. Students will have one week to pay damage fines in full. Lost Equipment – Lost equipment will be charged the replacement value cost.