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The Student Senate is to be a body of well-informed students who represent their fellow peers, find innovative solutions to student concerns, and facilitate interaction between the students and the administration, faculty, and staff.

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Welcome to the homepage of the ASSP Student Senate, the legislative branch of ASSP.

Here you will find information about the past and upcoming agendas and decisions of the Student Senate and its committees.

The Student Senate is a body of well-informed students diligently representing the concerns of their constituencies in an open-minded forum where innovative solutions are prayerfully and carefully considered; to facilitate interaction between the students, administration, faculty, and staff of Seattle Pacific University.

In order for us to be satisfactory representatives, it is imperative that students are kept well-informed at what their Senate is doing. It is for that reason that ASSP hopes to use this mean of communication to keep the students of Seattle Pacific as informed as possible and to allow all students to voice their opinions to their representatives.

We hope that through communication, we can help inspire greater awareness and involvement by all students when seeking solutions to the problems affecting our campus today.

Senate sessions occur every Monday night at 8:00pm in the Library Seminar Room located on the 2nd Floor of the Ames Library. Every undergraduate student at SPU is invited to attend ASSP Senate. If you have a unique Student Perspective that you would like bring to the floor, please fill out the linked form on the Senate's Engage page.

Executive Vice President

Hannah Waterman

Campus Program Coordinator

Alli Bautista

Director of Office of Student Involvement and Leadership