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Take the bus downtown, swim laps on Queen Anne Hill, or rent equipment for your next outdoor adventure or media event — all at a discount. ASSP passes offer group pricing for popular activities outside campus.

Bus Passes

ASSP provides bus passes to undergraduate students for short-term recreational use. We lend 5 hour and 8 hour passes for free to enable students to explore the city for a day without having to worry about paying for parking and transportation. For students looking to explore for longer than 8 hours, we provide 24 hour bus passes for a nominal fee of $2.

Though students are certainly welcome to use these passes to get to and from work, we recommend the purchase of a discounted monthly pass through the Office of Safety and Security to minimize the stress associated with late fees and to allow other students equitable access. The recent addition of nominal fee to immediately recheck out a bus pass was implemented to keep as many passes in circulation as possible so that it does not become a personal bus pass for a single student.

What if I commute to work and school?

For undergraduate students, who use the bus system on a regular basis, we recommend purchasing a bus pass from the Office of Safety and Security. For a discounted rate, students can purchase a quarterly unlimited pass, which will enable them to take buses, the Sounder train, the ferries, and even the light rail.

Who can use the bus passes provided by Unicom?

All current undergraduate students.

How much do recreational bus passes cost ASSP?

The bus passes that ASSP subsidizes for student use cost $99/month per pass. We have allocated enough funding to provide 80 passes, which costs $7,920/month and $55,440/year. We have exhausted our options in working with the Office of Safety and Security and King County Metro in trying to minimize costs and to maximize the number of passes in circulation. While we would love to expand this program given its popularity, this option is unfeasible without raising student fees.