Information for Presenters

Oral Presenters

There will be four oral presentations per room in each Parallel Session, with each presentation scheduled for 15 minutes maximum. Presenters should plan to talk for 10 - 12 minutes, allowing 3 minutes for questions. Each classroom is equipped with a projector, screen and computer. Each session will be facilitated by a faculty moderator, who will introduce each talk and ensure that talks run in a timely manner. Please practice your talk to ensure that you can finish within the time allotted.

To ensure smooth transitions between presentations, all presenters should upload their PowerPoint files to the shared OneDrive folder corresponding to their assigned session and room, no later than 11:59 pm on Thursday, May 5, 2022. You should also bring a backup copy with you, just in case.

Digital Posters

Digital posters will be presented in the active learning classrooms (OMH 119, 135 and 138). Each table has hookups to its own monitor. You will need to provide your own laptop or device to connect (via a HDMI or VGA connection). The format of your presentation is flexible - you can show a video, a PowerPoint presentation, a website or app you created, etc. Presenters should plan to be available for the full 30 minutes of your assigned session. You will receive information about your assigned room and station before the conference.

Printed Posters

NOTE: Posters will be available in Otto Miller Hall the day before the conference - Robin Hirano will notify you when your poster is ready to pick up.

You will be able to hang your posters after 12:00 pm on Friday, May 6, 2022. Please be sure your poster is up by 5:00 pm.

Format: PowerPoint. Be sure to select a font and font size that is appropriate for reading at arms' length.

Size: If you choose to have the Erickson Conference cover the cost of your poster, then please use dimensions of 24" x 36" (2 ft x 3 ft). [NOTE: You may present a larger poster, but you are responsible for the cost of printing.]

  • In PowerPoint for Windows, select the “Custom” option of the “Slide Size” function under the “Design” tab and enter the desired size for you poster.
  • In PowerPoint for Macintosh, select Page Setup from the File Menu. For the "Slides sized for:" option, select "Custom". Enter the desired width and length in the boxes indicated. Double-sheck that the correct slide orientation is selected.

Printing: Posters will be printed by Office Max in Ballard. Please follow the instructions below to have your poster printed. Once printed, all posters will be delivered to Robin Hirano in OMH for pickup. NOTE: If you submit by the deadline, printing costs will be covered by the Erickson conference.

Need inspiration? Three good websites for designing posters are: How To Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster, Creating Effective Poster Presentations and Poster Presentation tips

Directions for uploading posters for printing:

  1. Posters must be uploaded for printing by Wednesday, April 27, 2022 to ensure sufficient time for printing and delivery.
  2. Prepare your poster in PowerPoint format. Be sure to use the sizing restrictions and instructions shown above. Those larger than 24" x 36" are the financial responsibility of the authors.
  3. Convert your file to a high-quality PDF and ensure that all images and fonts look appropriate. (if the option is available: select 'include bleed' or PDF with crops - high resolution).
  4. Title your poster file SPU_Erickson_(your last name)
  5. Upload your poster file to the OneDrive folder set up for the Erickson conference (you will need to log in with your SPU account).
  6. Once complete, please email Robin Hirano at to let her know that you have submitted a file for the Erickson conference.