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The online reservation system is for SPU faculty and staff only.

Casey Conference Center — Rental of Officers’ Houses
For the Use Period of June 13, 2016 through September 26, 2016.

Two officers’ duplexes at Camp Casey Conference Center on Whidbey Island are available for the personal use of full-time, regular faculty and staff members. The houses include Faculty House East and Faculty House West. Reservation requests may be submitted through March 15 for the scheduling period of June 13, 2016 through September 26, 2016.


Policies and Procedures

1. Reservations:
During the academic year, reservations are handled independently from uses during the summer period. Academic year stays are awarded based on a lottery system. All requestors are assigned a number and become eligible for the draw once the application is submitted to the Casey Office. Numbers are drawn at random and assigned based on the requestors top 5 choices and availability. Scheduling for the summer is done on a point system based on years of SPU service and previous summer stays at Casey. Academic year stays do not take away eligibility points for summer stays. A waiting list is developed from the requests that are left over after all available stay periods are offered. Camp Casey will inform all faculty and staff on the waiting list via email if a vacancy arises.
2. Booking Fees:
The non-refundable reservation deposit is called the “booking fee.” The rate is $15 per night, with a two night minimum and seven night maximum. The booking fee payment is required to confirm the reservation and due within two weeks of receiving the contract. On the contract, specify which nights are desired for your stay. Your rate will be based per night. Once those dates have been confirmed, if there are open days within that week, they will be offered to the next employee on the waiting list. If you find that you must cancel your stay after it has been confirmed, you will forfeit the booking fee. The booking fee may not be transferred from one use period to the next.
3. Cancellation:
After the reservation has been confirmed, if a cancellation is requested, the booking fee will be forfeited. The booking fee may not be transferred from one use period to the next, or to another employee. The stay that was cancelled will be offered to those on the waiting list for that period. The funds go toward the on-going maintenance of the houses and are subsidized in addition to the booking fee from SPU as part of employee benefits.
4. Eligibility:
Full-time, regular faculty and staff (as verified by Human Resources’ records) are eligible for stays based on availability. Only personal, vacation use of Camp Casey Houses is allowed under this courtesy fringe benefit. The full-time faculty or staff person OR his/her spouse must be present with the party using the house at Camp Casey. Other uses, such as SPU departmental use, church groups, Bible Study groups, school groups, youth groups or any other type of retreat that is sponsored by or referred by a faculty or staff member must be booked through the Camp Casey Office according to normal reservation procedures. Other buildings at Camp Casey are used for those types of groups. The rental rate will be the standard, non-profit group or SPU ID rate for each specific building at Camp Casey. Please call the Camp Casey office, toll-free, for an information packet: (866) 661-6604.
5. Use Policies:
All faculty and staff visitors to Camp Casey must abide by the use and conduct policies of SPU and Camp Casey Conference Center. Failure to abide by the established policies or procedures, including proper care and cleaning of the house, may result in the forfeiture of future uses or additional charges. All use and conduct policies will be outlined in the contract. Signing the contract signifies your understanding of these policies and procedures.


There are other facilities at Camp Casey that may be reserved, 2 weeks prior to arrival, for personal use by SPU faculty and staff. These include the Firehall, The Fort Casey Inn and Alumni House West. Please call the Camp Casey Office to learn more about these opportunities or with any questions about the rental policies at (866) 661-6604, campcasey@spu.edu or www.fortcaseyinn.com & www.spu.edu/depts/casey.


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