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Parent Career Checklist

Parents and family members are an important part of a student's career exploration process. Below are helpful questions to consider as you assist your student with his/her career choices.

_____ Am I allowing my student the freedom to have new experiences?
_____ Do I encourage the exploration of new ideas, experiences, and occupations without being pushy?
_____ Do I really listen to what my student tells me?
_____ Am I willing to tolerate ideas and values which are different than my own?
_____ Am I willing to discuss my own career development history?
_____ Am I positive and supportive when my student makes poor decisions or fails?
_____ Do I encourage my student to explore occupations of interest and refer him/her to appropriate resources?
_____ Do I help my student objectively look at his/her strengths and weaknesses and suggest how they might relate to various careers?
_____ Am I willing to refer my student to friends/acquaintances who might discuss their occupations with him/her?
_____ Do I ask questions that will encourage my student to further his/her career information gathering process?
_____ Do I compliment my student on his/her positive strengths and accomplishments?




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