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Choosing a major can be a difficult and confusing process. Many students feel that choosing a major means choosing a career for the rest of their lives. This is one of many "major myths." In reality, choosing a major and choosing a career is NOT necessarily the same thing. (Click here to read more 'major myths' - PDF).

Deciding on a major should be based primarily on your sense of what you enjoy learning and what type of academic activities will bring out your best work. Selecting a major based on these criteria will most likely lead to success and personal satisfaction in your career. Remember that employers are more interested in the transferable skills you bring to the job than your major. Transferable skills are typically gained through internships, work experience and the skills gained from obtaining a liberal arts degree.

Explore the resources on the "Help! I need to Choose a Major"  page and consider making an appointment with a Career Counselor and/or Academic Advisor for additional help with this decision.




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