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Learning Contract Instructions

for Credit Internships

Click here to print the Learning Contract Form.

NOTE: Psychology students do not use the above contract. Please use the Psychology Learning Contract.

Learning Contracts are also available to pick up in the Center for Career and Calling (2nd Floor SUB) or Student Academic Services (DH 151).

To register for internship credit complete both sides of the Learning Contract and have your Faculty Sponsor and Internship Supervisor sign the document. Once the form is complete, bring the signed document to Student Academic Services (DH 151) to register for internship credit.

All Business Administration majors must complete the Internship Reflection Course Approval Form NOT the Learning Contract. For more information, visit the School of Business and Economics website.

Be sure to completely fill out the Learning Contract:

Site Information: Describe the employer's nature of work, your position title, and job description.

Learning Objectives : With your Internship Supervisor discuss and establish learning objectives you wish to achieve throughout the internship period. Agree on activities and events you may want to experience, specific skills you want to develop, or knowledge you hope to gain. This is an excellent time to ensure that you and your Internship Supervisor are on the same page and have clear expectations of one another.

Learning Activities : Discuss with your Internship Supervisor what learning activities will be expected of you during your internship to meet the learning objectives outlined in the first question.

Course Grade Evaluation : Discuss with your Faculty Sponsor what projects, papers, or classes/seminars you will be expected to complete or attend for evaluation of the internship experience.

Signatures: Before you will be allowed to register for Internship credit the following signatures are required: Student, Internship Supervisor, your Faculty Sponsor, and if you're under 18, your parent or guardian.  

Registration:  After all signatures are entered, take your learning contract to the Registration Office in Student Academic Services, Demaray Hall 151. A copy of the contract will be be sent to you at your mailing address and to your Faculty Sponsor after the registration process is complete.  The original will be forwarded to the Center for Career and Calling.



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